Selling A Home

Are you on the fence about selling your home? Has your family size outgrown your current home?  Maybe you are looking to downsize because retirement is around the corner or maybe a new job is on the horizon which requires you to leave the area. Whatever the reason may be there are many things to consider and to know in advance of taking that leap. 

Picking an Agent:

Picking a real estate agent is going to be a very important part of the process. I personally recommend interviewing your real estate agent options. Get a feel for who you are most comfortable working with. Ask them questions that concern you and make sure they are answering those questions. 


Real estate commission is a tough discussion…. Everyone wants the best deal and to pay the least amount out in cost, but is that really the best option for you? An agent will in most cases negotiate from the standard 6% commission rate but do you really want to pay them less?  Does this mean the agent is less experienced, less confident in their skills? Not always but yes sometimes it does mean these things. A real estate agent may negotiate a lower rate when you are purchasing a home with them and they will have two deals with you. Some will lower the commission for less services offered. Make sure the agent you choose has the skills, knowledge and experience you want and need to sell your home. 

Determining a Sales Price:

Sales price is another touchy subject. A real estate agent can suggest a price based off of the current market, the location of your home and the condition of your home (see where skills, knowledge and experience come in handy). This home has been your home for however many years and most people become very emotional during the sale of their home. But it is best to place your emotions aside to consider the actual data, not confusing the value (what a buyer is willing to pay for your) home with the actual price or cost of your home (what you paid for your home, how much money you put into your home). If you price your home too high you won’t get any showings meaning no buyers are going to even see your home, you won’t get them in the front door. Pricing your home correctly right away gets those buyers in your home and those offers in front of you. 

Prepare Your Home:

The current data for York County as of end of February indicates that the average days on the market for a home is 9 days. Wow! I recommend prepping your home in advance for the sale. Your real estate agent should be able to assist you with what projects should be done to optimize the sales price. You have one chance to make a great first impression on those buyers. You want to wow them when they walk in the door so that they know this is the home for them. 

Home Showing Appointments:

We recommend to all of our sellers to be sure to leave the home for showing appointments and to be sure to take your pets with you. There are so many individuals with pet allergies and who would want to create the extra stress on your beloved pet having strangers in their home while they are caged.


Once an offer or hopefully multiple offers are received, your agent should be able to go over the details of each offer with you with confidence to explain each item and answer any of your questions (here’s where that skills, knowledge and experience comes in again). 

Home Inspections:

Next step would be after accepting an offer if there is any home inspection requested by the buyer. You will receive a copy of the inspection report along with any request the buyer might have for concerned items of repair. Your agent will be able to go over this report with you and let you know your options (again skills, knowledge and experience, do you see a pattern here). 

Closing Day:

Finally your closing day has arrived and you will be receiving a check and the buyers will be receiving keys. This should be a happy day but can also be an emotional day. Your home should be cleared of personal items, swept clean and ready for it’s new loving owners. A final walk-through will be completed by the buyer with their agent. You’ve sold your home. 

My husband and my years of experience, vast knowledge, negotiating skills above others, honesty and pure service of others helps us stand out as real estate agents. We are confident in both listing and selling homes. We would be available to be interviewed if you are considering a home sale. Home inventory is low and we would like to add your home to our list of sold homes.

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