DIY Inspiration: TV Wall Mount

I am back with another DIY.  This time I am inside again.  

 I decided I wanted our television hung on the wall.  It is something I had thought about doing for some time but decided I had a little time and wanted to try this project.   

Unlike most of my projects, this one wasn’t from Pinterest. I did some searching online and on Youtube to get an idea of what I was getting involved with and to see if I thought I could manage this project.  I found a lot of useful videos that each had a good bit of information.  When hanging a television, you have the option of running all your cords down inside the wall or purchasing covers that can go over the cords on the outside of the wall.  Did you know that when running all cords down the inside of the wall, you should cover the cords to ensure that you avoid fire hazards? I did not know this.  I did know that I wanted to go this route and run our cords inside the wall.  

First Step: Prepare your wall.  I knew that I was considering painting the room so I decided to start my project with painting our wall.  

Second Step: Review your wall mount instructions.  I decided to purchase our mount on Amazon.  There are several types of mounts: flat, tilt and turn.  I opted for the tilt.  The mount I purchased can be found on Amazon    “place link to item here”.  I reviewed my instructions and gathered the tools I needed: power drill, level, pencil and stud finder.

Third Step: Mark your wall.  Using the template provided, I marked the wall where I was going to install the mount.  I found the studs and decided on the height of my television.  I drilled pilot holes to ensure I was in fact at the studs.  Because I was utilizing the studs, I did not have to use any drywall anchors.  

Fourth Step: Attach the wall mount.  Following the instructions provided, I assembled the wall mount and attached it to the wall and the back of the television.  I also at this time cut two small holes in the drywall where I was planning on running my wires, one located at my mount and the other further down the wall closer to the floor.  

Final Step: Hang your television.  I had help throughout this project and this final step really did require the both of us.  We carefully picked up the television and connected the mount together (the part that was installed on the rear of the television to the part that was installed to the wall).  As we did this we also fed the wires that I covered with the fire-rated tubing down through the wall.  We connected the wires to their coordinating accessories (gaming system, cable box, outlet, etc)

If you had a good experience with a recent DIY, I’d love to hear from our followers.  I’m looking for my next project, any suggestions? 


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