Fall Planting

Fall has arrived.  Many people are busy with fall festivals and preparing their home for the winter months.  I’m sharing some of my top tips for fall planting to get those gardens ready. 

Reason to plant in fall

  • The soil is still warm and promotes good root growth
  • The cooler weather can be less stressful for the plants
  • There are less pest and disease issues in the cooler months

Timing: It’s important to remember that new plants are tender and harsh weather can kill them so be sure to plan ahead and make sure to plant at least 6 weeks prior to ground freeze. 

Watering: You want to water the plant prior to planting soaking the roots.  Once in the ground, you should only need to water once a week due to the cooler temperatures. 

Mulching: Mulch when the weather dips down to 32 degrees or less.  This is to protect the plants during the ground freezing. 

What to Plant

  • Pansies are a great option because there is a good chance that if planted in the fall you could get two seasons out of them. They typically can survive the winter months so that you can enjoy them in the spring as well 
  • Trees and Shrubs are often planted in the fall with the cooler temperatures and the warm soil being great rooting conditions
  • Perennials like Hostas, Daylilies, Lavender, Black-eyed Susans and Peonies are some favorites 
  • Edibles like Asparagus, Rhubarb and Artichokes do well planted in the fall for a spring harvest 

Whether you already have a green thumb or maybe you are considering some gardening, I hope this information is helpful.  As always I love to hear from everyone so if you have some additional tips you think should have made the list or maybe you want to share some pictures of your beautiful gardens, reach out to me. 

If you want to plan some gardening at a home of your own, let us help you find your home for your future gardening plot. 

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

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