DIY Inspiration: Fire Pit

I am back with another DIY.  We are heading outside this time.  Did you know that today is National Bonfire Night?  So let’s celebrate with a DIY fire pit.   

I must admit I completed this project a few years back and I have never regretted it.  You can go elaborate or simple.  I, of course, went with a simple plan.  

First Step: Prepare your area.  Lay your retaining wall stones in a circle where you have decided to have your fire pit.  If utilizing a fire ring insert, be sure to include this ring when placing your stones to ensure you have the correct sizing.  Once laid, use your shovel to mark the ground all the way around the stones.  You will then remove your stones andshave off the grass top, going under the roots.  Make the area level – I used a 2×4 and large level for this process.

Second Step: Lay your stones.  In alternating rows, place three layers of retaining wall stones in the circular pattern to create your fire pit.  I found that some instructions included using glue to secure your stones. This is optional and I choose not to. 

Final Step: Place your fire ring insert.  I purchased a fire ring insert, which again is optional.  Place the ring in the center of the stones and then you can either put a layer of sand or lava rock on the inside bottom of your fire pit.  Enjoy!

I did say simple right? I don’t know if you had realized it could be this simple.  Now, it’s time to roast some marshmallows and sip an adult beverage by the fire.  If you had a good experience with a recent DIY, I’d love to hear from our followers.  I’m looking for my next project, any suggestions? 

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