Priorities for your pets when house hunting

We meet many buyers and I love spending time with them learning what they desire in a home.  One thing that a lot of people consider is their fur babies.  What are some key features that pet owners are looking for in a future home? 

  1. Fenced yard – Do I need to say anything more on this?  Of course they are looking for a safe place for their pet to run and play 
  2. Durable flooring – Many people think that means hardwood flooring.  Yes, that is an option but what is also popular right now is a LVP Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring. We recently went with this flooring in our own home and it is very durable, water resistant and scratch resistant which are both good things to consider if you have pets
  3. Pet friendly neighborhood – Is the neighborhood a good walking area, does it offer pet waste stations and how close is it to an actual dog park?  These are all things that a pet owner takes into consideration 
  4. Central vacuum system – If you have a pet, you know that you will be dealing with the pet hair. What better way to do this than with a central vacuum system with hookups conveniently located throughout the house for quick easy clean up of the recurring pet hair saga 
  5. Pet bathing station – Not too many homes have had this feature but when they do, a pet owner gets even more excited.  How nice would it be to wash your dog without all the mess of trying to do it in your own bathtub?  A nice pet-sized walk-in shower/tub located in a mud room or garage with a shower hose head makes for a very easy fur baby clean up 

These are the top five features I see pet owners looking for when they are looking for their furever home. 

When you were shopping for your home, what was a key feature that sold you on the home?  What makes your home stand out today if you were to sell it?  Let’s talk if you are looking to buy or sell. 

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