Cake Day, November 26th

November 26th is Cake Day! Those who are aware of this holiday and take the time to celebrate each year do so by, of course, eating cake.  

Do you enjoy making your cake or do you prefer to purchase your cake?  Ido enjoy making cakes and have tried many different recipes that I have found over the years but I love seeking out a great bakery in any new area I am in to try out the sweet treats.  I have found one great location in Milford, Delaware and it has become my go-to place for cake.  My Sister’s Fault is a cute small shop located in quaint downtown Milford.  

This incredible shop is owned and run by two sisters, Angie and Rous. I recently had the opportunity to do a quick interview with these busy ladies.  I asked them how this all began for them after moving to Delaware only 13 years ago.  When getting settled in, they first worked at Perdue Farms.  They found that they were often craving Puerto Rican desserts such as cake, quesitos, tres leches, flan, etc. but found that they could not find these in Delaware.  This is when Rous started practicing recipes she found online and developed a passion for baking. She would take her new creations to share with co-workers and everyone began telling them that they needed to open a bakery.  Both sister’s would daydream about the idea but never imagined being where they are today.  Now 4 years later, they sell out most days and have an amazing following of many locals.  They are very community-centered and often do events to help local people. Recently  they held a dress sale to generate money to help a local mother with breast cancer.  They are currently participating in Operation Christmas Child, where shoeboxes are filled with Christmas joy for children around the world in need.  They have also had events like $5 Tres Leches French toast sales on Sunday (a day they are typically closed) and celebrated Valentine’s Day in July.  They are constantly improving and renewing their ideas for their business.  

Their typical week consists of about 60 hours of work and prep and even more during the holidays.  Their kitchen operates every day even on the days they are closed just so that they can prepare for the busy schedule during their operating hours.  This takes us to the best advice they received as new business owners as well as their best advice they can give for other dreamers: to train and delegate.  This was difficult for them as it is for most people.  They personally were so protective of their recipes and their overall business that they wanted to do it all.  This led to very little time for family and self care.  Once they took this advice and took the time to train their staff (which I must say as a customer, they have a pretty amazing staff) they could delegate more and create that better work/life balance.  They emphasized the need for a good work/life balance.   Working the amount of hours they originally were was just not sustainable and you lose too much time with your family.   They really do not feel like this business is just the two of them, they believe they are a team with their staff.  From an outsider looking in, they all seem like family and the love that this family has for eachother shows through the amazing foods they serve. 

In my interviews, I always ask for a favorite customer experience and they, like others, found it hard to narrow their experience down to just one favorite.  I guess that is like asking a parent which child is their favorite.  They did bring up the “This is my happy place” sign located on the wall in the shop.  This was brought to them by a customer letting them know that this was their happy place.  They enjoy seeing that sign each day reminding them that they are not only living out their dream each day but they are creating a “happy place” for the people they serve.  

Ok for those who have not experienced My Sister’s Fault….. It’s a very cute small place full of flavors.  Primarily most orders are received online and are take-out but they do encourage you to drop in for a variety of sweet and savory items.  Angie takes on the savory menu and Rous the sweet menu, each taking great pride in their dishes.  They have a large variety of cakes and classic Puerto Rican pastries featuring new creations weekly.  Their top selling items are the Ben & Jen cake, which is a chocolate lover’s favorite – this creation was actually a creation of their neighbors, the Lifecycle shop.  The other favorites are the classics Flan, Tres Leches and Rum cake.  They are open Wednesday – Friday 8am – 5:30pm and Saturdays 8am-3pm.

I personally made sure to set my alarm early on Valentine’s Day weekend this year just so I could purchase one of their cakes for my birthday/Valentine’s Day and did the same to take advantage of a Tres Leches French toast special event on a Sunday this year.  I’ve never had a single item that I did not like.    


This year I ask that you take the time to celebrate Cake Day with me and eat some cake today. hen you do if you get the chance to take a picture with your cake and post to your social media and #cakeday. Let’s flood social media with all of our cake eating pictures.

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