Local Business Insight – Wayward Waffle

Did you know that there is a holiday that is best celebrated eating a waffle?  International Waffle Day, Friday, March 25th.  So I think that March is a fantastic time to feature another local business – a great little local waffle food stand located inside the MorningStar Marketplace in Thomasville, PA.  This marketplace operates on Saturday and Sundays 8am – 4pm.  This is when you can find Devon Carney-Engle, the Waffle Goddess hard at work serving her many customers at the Wayward Waffle food stand. 

I recently stopped by the Wayward Waffle on my way back from a real estate appointment. It was a moment in my day to just slow down and enjoy some tasty goodness.  While I sat at the small stand waiting for my order, I had the opportunity to watch Devon prepare orders and to speak to her about her business.  She has such a loving soul.  She greeted everyone with a smile and pleasant conversation, whether she was describing the different items on the menu or just checking in with the regulars that were dropping by.  I asked her a few questions about her business while she popped around the kitchen area steadily making all the orders.  What started out as her husband’s craving for a waffle one morning has turned into a passion for her. With that one waffle iron her husband ran out to purchase that morning, she has created works of art.  She said it was like a switch that just turned on and now waffles and toppings just click with her.  

Her menu consists of both savory and sweet creations and all of them are very reasonably priced.  I decided on a classic, the original waffle with some strawberry ice cream.  The warm soft waffle with the creamy cold goodness of the ice cream just collided for an explosion of flavor in my mouth.  However, I know that I will need to revisit soon so that I can try one of her best sellers, the Life Changing Banana Pudding waffle.  I was told that the banana pudding is the best banana pudding recipe there is and takes three days for Devon to make.  She uses only the finest ingredients in her creations to ensure the greatest taste experience is had.  Devon spends days creating new recipes and preparing for the weekends.  

At the stand, Devon has five waffle irons set up in her kitchen and says that most mornings she has all five running at the same time to keep up with the orders.  I was lucky enough to drop in right after the busy wave and was able to really enjoy my time there.  Around the stand, you will see her collection of waffle trinkets that she has been given by her loyal customers and all the adorable artwork that her younger customers have created for her.  It all gives you a very cozy, loved atmosphere.  She has been making waffles for the public for a total of eight years now, five of which have been at this marketplace.  You can just tell how much she loves what she does.  

I encourage you to make a point this month to drop in and enjoy a waffle experience like I did.  You can find her on Facebook at the Wayward Waffle where you can see a preview of her menu with all of the pictures that will guarantee to make you hungry.  I am hungry for another waffle just typing this.  Yum! 

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