Exciting Update!!!!

Today I am sharing my exciting news. We are officially licensed to sell real estate in Delaware.  What does that mean for you?  If you are considering a move or maybe a vacation home or even an investment property, you now can take advantage of our experience and expertise to do so in Delaware.  I recently passed the Delaware Real Estate Exam after taking the Delaware Salesperson Real Estate course.  I could not be more excited to open this new door in my real estate career.  I thought I would share a little about me and my path to this point.  

After a few years in the mortgage industry, I obtained my Pennsylvania real estate license in April of 2000 (wow that seems like a long time ago, it even shows my age a bit – trust me I still feel like I am 20 some days).  I obtained my real estate license while working on a top-producing real estate team in York, PA.  I took this time to learn as much as I could from those on the team.  This is where I even met my now husband, aspiring at the time to become just like him.  I left the team to return to the mortgage business and worked as a mortgage processor for many years to follow. As a mortgage processor, I work on obtaining mortgage approvals for buyers so that they can finance their home purchase.  This requires a great deal of detail, communication and time management to ensure that I meet important deadlines and smoothly secure the loan approval for the buyers.  

As a realtor, I  use a lot of those same skills to work with the buyers to find a home.  Also, having a background in the mortgage industry enables me to help buyers through the home-buying process even more.  Communication and details are key every step of the way.  I’ve now worked with my husband as a team for the past ten years and have enjoyed every moment. I have so many favorite things about my career in real estate and still get excited for each buyer and seller.  

In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach and kayaking and I do both in Delaware.  I’ve vacationed in Delaware for over 20 years with my children.  Continuing my education and adding a Delaware state license just seemed like the most appropriate next phase for my career.  I look forward to continuing to learn the area and serve the people in Delaware.  

2 thoughts on “Exciting Update!!!!

  1. Jen Lindt has become an outstanding realtor closing over $1 million in real estate in Feb.

    So proud of my wife’s accomplishments


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