It’s Spring

It’s Spring, what does Spring make you think of?  Flowers, warmer weather?  For me it makes me think home maintenance and maybe that is the Realtor coming out of me.  I wanted to provide you with a quick list of Spring home maintenance items.  If you make a habit of doing these items, I promise it will help with maintaining the value of your home, which was probably the biggest purchase of your life.


  1. Thoroughly clean the interior of your home from top to bottom,including those appliances that some neglect throughout the year
  2. Change the smoke detector batteries 
  3. Change the air filters in your furnace 
  4. Check caulking around tubs/sinks – water is quick to cause a lot of damage to a home and something as simple as caulking can make a big difference


  1. Clean out your gutters – these tend to fill with leaves and debris which can cause damage to your home when left go 
  2. Do a visual inspection of the exterior of your home – look at the roof, siding, brickwork, etc.  If you spot something that you are uncertain about, call a professional.  Most times when a problem is caught early, it can save you money
  3. Touch up exterior paint – do you have any chipped peeling paint, maybe you want a new color for your front door? Making sure your paint is well kept also protects the wood from rotting and deteriorating 
  4. Have your A/C unit serviced by a professional – this extends the life of your unit and ensures a cool comfortable summer with working A/C
  5. Power wash exterior – power wash your siding and walkways cleaning away the winter grime
  6. Clear out gardens and fertilize the lawns 
  7. Maintenance your lawn mower for the upcoming cutting season 

Maintaining a home is a very important part of home ownership.  I explain to many first time new homebuyers that you need to include the cost of doing this in their budget.  You want to protect your investment so you can enjoy it for many years.  

Over the years my husband and I have come in contact with professionals in many industries that can help with home maintenance (plumbing, HVAC, lawn care, etc) and would be happy to talk to you if you have concerns and are in need of some help.  A well maintained home sells much quicker then a home that was neglected over the years.

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