Getting Organized

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The new year often brings on new year’s resolutions and some may have added organization to their list.  Are you thinking of organizing your house?  Let’s tackle one of the most used rooms: the kitchen. 

There are so many great products currently available to help you organize your kitchen.  I know that I personally started tackling this last year and since have come across a lot of products.   

Let’s start with the pantry:  I organized my pantry using some items I already had on hand including my large mouth canning jars which came in handy for items like pasta, sugars, etc.  I also purchased some inexpensive shoebox size plastic containers from the Dollar Tree to group similar items together so that I wouldn’t have to dig for items that may have previously gotten thrown in the back of the pantry and easily forgotten about.  You can purchase many different sized food containers for cereals, snacks, flour, etc that allow you to easily stack for easy access.

Moving onto the refrigerator:  Clear bins to organize the refrigerator are a great option.  You can group similar items together to make it much easier to find what you are looking for and you can even label them to make it even easier.   

Small kitchen appliances: I found a trick online for the cords.  I always found myself trying to wrap the cord of the appliances around the appliance or trying to put it in the appliance, etc.  Using a small cord bundler from Command does the trick nicely.  You place it on the back or side of the appliance and then you can neatly wrap the cord and secure it with the Command cord bundler – It might just be me, but I had an aha moment when I discovered this tip. 

Finally, cabinets:  I like the idea of using cabinet racks.  They make a variety of them to be used for stacking plates/mugs or stacking baskets that can be used for smaller items that slide right onto the shelf themself.  Keeping similar items together is always helpful as well.  

Only buy what you need.  How many times have you purchased that extra can of tomato paste because you just didn’t realize you had the can that was hidden in the back of the pantry?  Keeping your kitchen organized will help you know what you have and what you need.  I also recommend utilizing a dry erase board or even an echo product like the echo dot or echo show to keep a list of items as you use the last of them.  You can easily add the item to your need list.   

So not only will your kitchen look great but you could even end up saving yourself some money.  We can tackle another room of the house later this year.  I’m always happy to hear from you with any great tricks or ideas you have come across.  

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